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    ITEM NO:  GSI Series Single Phase Inverter


           Designed and manufactured according to new energy generating system, off grid inverter is the core component of photovoltaic power generating system. It converts DC to AC mainly used in the fields of PV power plant, wind power plant, wind solar oil storage complementary power generating system and solar home system. High efficiency and superior performance can guarantee absolute stability.It is suitable for areas without electricity like mountain, pastoral, border and island.




    打勾.pngPure sine wave full power output

    打勾.pngProtection function:output overload protection; output short circuit protection; input over/under voltage, over temperature protection and series of alarm and protection

    打勾.pngPower frequency circuit design, good system stability, low failure rate and long life

    打勾.pngGood transient response, low waveform distortion, high inverter efficiency, stable output voltage,with excellent EMI indicators

    打勾.pngWith strong load capacity, it not only can drive all kinds of resistive loads but also all kinds of inductive loads such as motors, air-conditioner, electric drill, fluorescent lamp and air lamp, etc.

    打勾.pngIntelligent empty load automatic sleep function

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