GCL ranks among Top 3 in the global new energy Top 500 enterprises

GCL ranks among Top 3 in the global new energy Top 500 enterprises, and top 1 in the new energy sector of top 500 Chinese enterprises for many years continuously. In 2019, it ranks the 166th among Top 500 Chinese enterprises, the 16th of the Top 100 leaders in strategic emerging industries, the 68th among Top 500 manufacturing companies in the aforementioned list, the 45th among Top 500 Chinese private enterprises, and 24th among Top 500 private manufacturing enterprises.
In the field of intelligent energy, through the smart integration of Energy Internet and power digitalization that connect power network, heat network, natural gas pipe network and information network, GCL has delivered quick response and interconnected deployment of energy micro-grid and regional energy network, with the support of big data and cloud platform. By leveraging its advantages in distributed energy, “Six-in-One” micro-grid and integrated control platform of power demand side, GCL has built an energy management platform that manages “supply-network-sale-use-cloud” and a digitalized power factory, and taken the lead in expanding incremental network distribution and power sales. Many projects are recognized as showcases in new energy micro-grid, incremental power distribution network, multi-energy integrated optimization, and “Internet +” intelligent energy.

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